According to Wikipedia Fake News is:

Fake news websites (also referred to as hoax news websites) are Internet websites that deliberately publish fake news—hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation purporting to be real news—often using social media to drive web traffic and amplify their effect. Unlike news satire, fake news websites seek to mislead rather than entertain readers, often for financial or political gain…..
I might ad : Could contain links leading to Spam, Malware or even Ransomeware.
There are some who are vulnerable to information they read on the internet.
There are fake websites.
There are websites that contain misinformation.
There are websites that haven’t been updated in months or even years.
Fake news is becoming a major problem.
The Battle Against Fake News Is Just Getting Started  By Lynette T. Owens
Please read this article and pass it on……Thanks Lynette.
Opinion: If fake news continues to litter the internet, the risk of kids being fooled is the highest

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