I remember way back in the 1980’s when I got my first computer.
Couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and plugged in to open a whole new world.

The memory was a whopping 32K!…. 51/4 floppy disk.
No windows, just DOS (Disk Operating System)
Wanted to get my fingers on the keyboard and start exploring.

Taught myself how to program in basic language, designed a few character
sets and added some graphics to existing programs that I had downloaded.
Speaking of downloading, it would take forever to download a simple program.

Back then programmers put in a “back door” so they always had access.
The early days of the internet were very tame compared to today.
The “back door” method has become a lot more sophisticated.
It has grown from the pirating of simple games to taking down power grids!

As technology increases at a rapid rate, security is put to the test.
Internet Security is a major concern.
It can affect not only us as individuals, but businesses and even countries.

I may not always agree with articles posted in my newsletter. My sole intent is to keep you informed. Security IS a critical issue.

Read IST. All Articles are Archived  Internet Security Today



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